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Nine Way Keypad v2.2

It is a Smartphone common flaw that the five-way navigation keypad is too small to operate. its miniature degree can cause misoperation frequently. Therefore, NineWayKeypad software has provided one kind of solution: The user can switch the function of keyboard between characters and navigation. Moreover, under navigation function status, there are additional editing functions: Select text, Copy text, Paste text and switch between another editing keys (Page Up, Page Down, Home, End) and additional directions (Left Up, Right Up, Left Down, Right Down).

About version 2.2:

Removes the sounds of switching of select/deselect, copy and paste.

The keypad function status can be switched when keypad/phone is locked.

About version 2.1:

Improves the mechanism of registration.

Improves the performance of substituted Home (go to home screen) key.

About version 2.0:

It sounds to operate copy and paste

Hang Up be enabled after phoning if red key is selected to switch keypad status.

Add customizing keypad setting.

System requirements:
Windows Mobile 5.0

Clicks to switch between inputting characters and navigation.
Clicks Volume Down to switch between four directions + four editing keys and nine way.
Clicks "*" key under navigation status to switch Select and Unselect. In selecting status, only keypad (but not joystick) can do to select text.
Clicks "0" key under navigation status t to copy selected text.
Clicks "#" key under navigation status t to paste copied text.

v2.2 EXE

v2.2 CAB

Системные требования: WM 2002-2006
Тип установки: CAB+EXE
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