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TerraTrack Recorder v3.9.91

TerraTrack Recorder - программа , которая поможет для записи и воспроизведения GPS треков. TerraTrack Recorder берёт ваши путешествия из NMEA-0183 GPS и генерирует исчерпывающую статистику в реальном времени.

Features in TerraTrack Recorder 3 now include:
-NEW! Route guidance
-NEW! Navigation with patented course deviation indicator scale, so making navigation processes very simple and intuitive
-NEW! Managing, manipulating, exchange and analyse waypoint, route and track point information, conversions either to or from Google Earth .KMZ or .KML files
-NEW! Download (in NMEA-0183 format) of selected (Marked) waypoints to your PC for further control and route's creation
-NEW! Leg distance and bearing information for waypoints in a route
-NEW! Download/Upload of navigation information to GPS receivers with help of yours desktop PC
-NEW! "Man over Board", "Course to Steer", "Go To" or "Go Along", "Nearest Waypoints" all or concern a route...
-NEW! Quick selection and control with Easy-To-Use menu, you will not need a stylus
-NEW! Virtual Serial Port Driver for playing back at the same mobile device**
-Track recording and playing back to you desktop PC's NMEA-0183 Navigation software (Microsoft Streets&Trips 2009, Microsoft AutoRoute 2007, Google Earth Pro and many others)
-Simultaneous recording and playing back
-Full NMEA-0183 format compatibility
-Full playback control
-Low resource consumption
-And many more!

Читаем инструкцию внутри архива!

Системные требования: WM5 - WM6
Тип установки: CAB+EXE
Автор/Разработчик: MMVI-MMIX Valentin Tkachev, TerraTrack Records & Co.
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  1. работает только на 45 минут
    просит регистрацию
    что-то с этим надо делать....
    а вообще прога хорошая...
  1. я первый щас заценим сие чудо

    пока нихрена не разобраля


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