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Resco Explorer 2007 v3.22 (Palm OS)
Resco Explorer is
Resco Explorer 2007 v3.22 (Palm OS)

You get also encryption tool, http downloads, RAM analyzer, various editors etc. etc.
Simply a handset of tools that use to be scattered through various applications.

Many users claim that Explorer is the most versatile Palm application ever written, a true Swiss knife for Palm OS. Well, here are additional arguments:
Front-end tool for VPN clients
Secure storage of sensitive documents
Power users will appreciate access to Palm OS internals
Document launching — automatic opening of the tapped document
Text file editor
Ideal for learning FTP (using the free FTP acount)

Системные требования: PalmOS 5
Тип установки: Нет данных
Оф. сайт/Источник:
Язык: Нет данных
История изменений: показать/скрыть

  1. Ай молодца....
  1. Класс спс. А то у мнея версия 2.61 щас стоит...


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