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MagiKB Lite – утилита расширяющая возможности по вводу текста . Позволяет с лёгкостью переходить на заглавные буквы или использовать пунктуацию без использования клавиши "shift" или "fn". Интерфейс программы продуман для управления рукой или джойстиком .

Mobiion MagiKB Lite v1.1
What can MagiKB Lite give you?
The fastest speed of typing. You hardly need to press Shift or Option/Fn when typing
Just double click a key to input the uppercase letter, or long press it to input the alternative letter
The ability to avoid conflict with other programs by having a black-list feature
Several inputting modes for you to choose

Mobiion MagiKB Lite v1.1
What's the feature of D-pad?
One-handed select text by pressing navigation keys while the Shift Key is held down or while the Capital key is toggled.
Use the Center key to open the context menu and operate text, such as copying, pasting etc. (When the Shift key is held down or when the Capital key is toggled)

Mobiion MagiKB Lite v1.1
The Custom Key Map dialog allows you to edit the key mappings associated with each key on your device.
Fake key: Replace the original key with a new one, so that when the base key is pressed, the fake key will be sent instead of the original one
Shift Code: The character or virtual key associated with the base key. It can be any value. For example, you can assign 'A' as the shift code to 'a', and you can also assign '#' to 'a' if you like
Option Code: This option has the same feature as Shift Code. It can associate another letter or virtual key with the same base key
String: You can input a string here. Each character in this string will be cycled to display when you hold down the base key. When you release the key, the last shown character is input.

Version 1.1 | Oct-9-2007
Now supports all Windows Mobile devices
Added supports to customize key-mapping file
Fake code supports added
Now supports up to 6 characters associated with one physical key

Version 1.0 | Jun-29-2007
Initial release

Windows Mobile 2003SE
Windows Mobile 5.0
Windows Mobile 6.0 Classic
Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional

Системные требования: WM2003 - WM6
Тип установки: CAB
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