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Speereo Voice Organizer sapie Pers AI Secretary v3.1.1

Sapie is an electronic organizer developed by Speereo™ UK Company for Small or Medium Business, as well as for private needs. Sapie is designed to provide brand new means of personal time management: voice interaction with a user. This means an authentic break-through in methods of personal time organization! It seems that Sapie has well surpassed her own epoch!
In creating Sapie, Speereo™ Research Team gathered the experience of its predecessor - Speereo™ Voice Organizer, yet it has become much more efficient in voice data management. Now you can just talk to Sapie and anticipate the precise answer. If speaking is natural, than we have done something obviously for humans.
No matter how busy your personal schedule is, just let Sapie do your planning and record- keeping job. It is designed for wide range of tasks: from voice mailing and voice dialing to the detailed day notes. It is really easy to charge Sapie with all possible personal data and then expect it to be neatly organized.

Speereo™ Voice Organizer combines features of three Speereo ™ products:

* Speereo™ Voice Reminder
Voice Reminder features quick agenda planning via 3 easy steps of voice data input including Appointments, Events and Meetings.
* Speereo™ Voice Contact
Voice Contact allows to record contact information and find person by name, company or city. Voice dialing available.
* Speereo™ Voice Mailer
Voice Mailer offers almost unlimited length of audio message due to very small size of file.
* Speereo™ Voice Organizer also features easy task scheduling and friendly human interaction with downloadable personal secretary - Sapie.

Interface & Technology

* Voice Navigation through logically structured interface;
* Easy one-button operation;
* All data is stored in device memory, so no need to call out and pay subscription fee;
* Speereo™ Speech Recognition technology offers 100% speaker - independency from any user's accent;
* Unique high compression recording algorithm with 2 voice compression modes;
* Unlimited voice comment additions;
* Desktop PC Synchronization.

Системные требования: WM2002 - WM6
Разрешение экрана: Все разрешения
Тип установки: Нет данных
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