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VirginRadio v2.64

Virgin Radio has become the first station to broadcast globally over 3G phones. The technology from Sydus mobile streaming services has made this possible, no matter where you are; Tokyo, Toronto or Chicago, if there is a wireless signal, there shall be music.

The software from Sydus is free to download from Virgin Radio UK, it will install an application icon to your supported mobile phones desktop. From there you can tune into Virgin Radio, the UK rock and pop station or two new digital stations; Virgin Radio Groove and Virgin Radio Classic Rock, and best of all it’s free! This really puts a damper on Satellite Radio’s outlook, which requires special hardware as well as monthly fees.

This latest service works on selected 2.5G and 3G terminals, and currently there are 30 compatible handsets available from major manufacturers including Nokia and Samsung. Over 14.9 million consumers across the globe can use the service today and this number will rise rapidly as 3G phones penetrate the market.

The product from Sydus will currently be most attractive in mobile markets such as the US, India, Thailand, Singapore, China, Italy and Australia where service providers offer unlimited data bundles. Virgin Radio and Sydus are in discussions with network operators in the UK to encourage a move towards packaging greater data to make the 3G radio player and Virgin Radio a key driver of 3G pick up.

About Virgin Radio

Virgin Radio is the UK’s only commercial rock music station. It can be heard on 105.8FM in London, on 1215AM nation-wide, on any DAB Digital radio, via Sky Digital and the cable TV networks and via WorldSpace. Virgin Radio is the world’s most listened to station on the internet and can be heard at.

Системные требования: WM2002 - WM6
Разрешение экрана: Все разрешения
Тип установки: CAB+EXE
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