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16 TOP игр с сайта

3210 is all about concentration and stress management...

Sending the balls is easy, having them hit each other to remove them too... But avoiding them from coming back at you can be much harder than it looks like !

If a single one comes back... You lost !

16 TOP игр с сайта

Aquelaball is a JezzBall-like game for PocketPC.

Just draw a line with the stylus to have a vertical or horizontal line spread across the whole screen. If a ball touches the line while it is being drawn, it will be cancelled and you'll loose alife.

Cover over 75% of the screen and make it to the next level, with 1 more ball.

16 TOP игр с сайта

Test out your reflexes and Stylus control with BallBreaker !

All the balls are shooting strait at you, and you just can't touch them... The only solution is to explode them against the grey squares...

The more balls you break, the more you'll have coming at you.

16 TOP игр с сайта

Caisses is a Sokoban clone that includes 500 levels and 14 different backgrounds and themes.

The original version of Caisses is Caisses DS, a Nintendo DS homebrew coded by Kukulcan.

In this game, you are a warehouse keeper, and your mission consists in arranging boxes by pushing them onto their designated locations...

Boxes can be pushed, but not pulled, and the controls are simple : either point to the spot to move to with the stylus, or use the directional pad !

16 TOP игр с сайта

Chain Reaction is all about exploding stuff !

Launch only a single explosion, and see how good a chain reaction you get !

Don't shoot too fast, you only have 3 rounds to try and get a perfect score : 150 !

16 TOP игр с сайта

is a Christmas-themed version of the puzzle game Xed, with more than 2000 levels !

Move the blocks left or right, and form groups of 2 or more to have them disappear...

Though it sounds simple, every move can block you from winning, so be carefull ! Lets see if you can finish every level with the minimum number of moves...

Besides the Christmas Theme, 2 other block skins are available, and more to come as soon as I find a graphist to work on it ^^

16 TOP игр с сайта

Danger Zone is a remake of the famous Carre Rouge flash game !

Move the Yellow box around with the stylus, and avoid the other boxes for as long as possible... A single collision will bring you down !

16 TOP игр с сайта

DoubleSkill is a simple and brain-damaging game : you have to control, at the same stylus, the bottom bar and the top 'raquette'... Use the Stylus or the Pad to do so.
If one of the 2 balls falls, it's game over !

Be careful, the game speeds up over time...

This is a horrible first version, with horrible graphics and no menu...

16 TOP игр с сайта

HexaVirus is a very simple logics game that can be played at any time, anywhere, and doesn't even require using the stylus !

The bottom left virus is activated. Every virus of the same color it touches becomes activated too... By touching one of the viruses on the bottom screen, you can change the activation color, and thus expand the territory...

Activate all viruses in less than 30 moves to win ! And then try with one less move...

16 TOP игр с сайта

Pipes is a classic in the puzzle world.

Select one of the 6 difficulty levels (actually 12 as for each you can activate wrap mode, making it MUCH harder...) and try to light up all the flowers...

Turn the pipes by clicking on them, and try to bring water throughout the whole board in as little time as possible.

16 TOP игр с сайта

Shift is a dynamic puzzle game that doesn't require the stylus to play, making it ideal for quick games in the metro or the bus...

It is a bit hard to take in hands on the first go, but once you pick it up you just can't stop playing...
The rules are really basic : click on the left, right, upper, or lower part of the screen (or press the direction pad) to have all the blocks who can move in that direction... If you form groups of 3 or more blocks, they'll disappear, etc...

To get huge scores, trying doing combos, not leaving a single round before exploding another group, etc... Easier said than done !

Code by Mollusk, graphics by AnarX

16 TOP игр с сайта

TangledBugs is a remake of the good old Untangle game !

While the spiders were moving around the forest, they got their webs completely tangled up... Try to move the bugs around and untangle the mess... Crossing lines are shown in white, untangled lines in green.

Four game modes are currently available :
- Classic Play : start by untangling 6 bugs, then 10, 15, 20, etc... Until you give up !
- Sudden Death : you only have 20 seconds per level ! Thankfully, you can cumulate time over several levels. The higher the level, the more time left when you finish it, and the higher you score. In this mode, only 2 bugs are added per level.

16 TOP игр с сайта

VirusChaser is about preventing a virus from escaping !

Each turn, you can plot a single wall to try and block the virus, and it'll then move 1 tile towards the exit...

Each time you manage to capture it'll, you'll have to restart with 1 less wall at the beginning... How good a Virus Chaser can you get ?

16 TOP игр с сайта

Xump is an addictive puzzle game with unique levels.

The game consists of a 20x12 playfield which is filled with various types of blocks. Your job is to make the blue blocks disappear from the playfield by stepping on them. There are five main types of block, each of which behave differently.

Grey Blocks: A grey block allows you to step on it with out disappearing when you stand on it. Your start point is always a grey block, the last block you step on must be a grey block as well.

Grey Arrow Blocks: Arrow blocks forward you AUTOMATICALLY in the given direction without warning, with exception to the
two way arrow blocks which have either a vertical or horizontal black line.

Warp Blocks: Warp blocks always come in a double pack. If you jump in, you come out at the other warp block. Warp blocks are grey and have a hole in them, they do not disappear when you step on them.

Blue Blocks: Blue blocks have to be destroyed by stepping on them.

Darkblue Blocks: Darkblue blocks turn into blue blocks, be careful: Darkblue blocks are sometimes an essential part of the puzzle elements.

16 TOP игр с сайта

Zi is tetris-like game, which is actually closer to meteos...

You can move the blocks around like in meteos. Once you have a set of 3 or more blocks, you can remove them by clicking on the set, kind of like in a JawBreaker game...

That's the first thing... but there's more : it has a sort of double-gravity : first 6 block series fall down, last 6 fall... up ^^

16 TOP игр с сайта

Znax is puzzle game in which you'll have to click 4 tiles of the same color and form squares as big as you can.
All the tiles inside the rectangle will be erased, and you will get points.

2 input methods are available :
- Click on the 4 corners, forming a rectangle , and it'll remove the blocks
- Drag the cursor from the top left corner to the bottom right (or any specific order, in fact)

The bigger the rectangle , the more points you get. You only have 3 minutes to have a maximum score, so you better hurry up !!!
Time is running...

Системные требования: WM2003 - WM6
Разрешение экрана: QVGA (240x320)
Тип установки: COPY
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  1. Не всётаки так мона попробовать когда делать нефиг..Самое интересное это вирусчастер ,пипес ,дангер зона и хумп!Всёравно спасибо!
  1. Ну да...даже пробовать их не стоит
  1. что можно ожидать от бесплатных игр-НИЧЕГО
  1. блин ну и зборничек:) забыл написать что эти игры для задротов
  1. BallBreakeк ест мозг. но в целом так, на 5 минут.
  1. так себе
  1. Это все freeware, что с них возьмешь.. smile
  1. дествительно нормальных игр там нет вобще, хотя покет гравити не плохая(с того сайта)


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