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Clinical Practice Guideline for Australian Paramedics v3.5.11

This software is a PDA edition of Consolidated Resources for Ambulance Paramedics.

This program is suitable for:
Current Ambulance Paramedics (in Victoria), including Mobile Intensive Care (MICA) Paramedics, who want to maintain their skills and have instant infield access to all current CPG's.

Student Paramedics (including prospective students) who are hoping to become employed with either MAS (Melbourne Ambulance Service) or RAV (Rural Ambulance Victoria) and who want to have the best study resources available, to give them an advantage over other prospective paramedics.

Nurses, medical workers, or the general public, who may be interested in learning more about paramedics’ skills, whether for general knowledge or to help you decide to make a career change to take on the challenging role of a Paramedic in Victoria or elsewhere.

Interstate or overseas Paramedics or other Pre-Hospital emergency care workers, who want to compare their skills to those of our Paramedics, here in Victoria.

Especially designed to run on any PDA that can display web style pages (internet access is not required!)

Some of the features of this download:
- <2Mb file (1 min download time).
- Contains current Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG's) as of November 2006.
- All CPG’s are fully hyperlinked so you can quickly get the relevant information you need.
- Can be run on any PDA or on your PC.
- Links to on-line information: further information, multiple choice self-tests and feedback via the Paramedic-Info web site.

Latest version (3.5.11) now has all relevant CPG's:
- Many of which have been changed, in line with the new Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines.
- Some of the new and changed CPG's include:
o Nausea and Vomiting (new).
o Burns (revised).
o Hyperthermia/Heat Stress (new).
o Hypothermia/Cold Exposure (new).
o Stroke Assessment (revised).
o Endotracheal Intubation (revised).
o Pulmonary Oedema (revised).
o Asthma/COPD (revised).
o Inadequate Perfusion Associated with Hypovolaemia (revised).
o Acute Coronary Syndromes (revised).
o Asystole (revised).
o Pulseless Electrical Activity (revised).
o Bradycardia (revised).
o Supraventricular Tachycardia (revised).
o Pain Relief - Non-Cardiac (revised).
o Severe Traumatic Head Injury (revised).
o Potential Spinal Cord Injury (revised).
o The Agitated Patient (revised).
o Anaphylaxis (revised).

o Glyceryl Trinitrate (revised).
o Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate (revised).
o Metoclopramide (revised).
o Morphine Sulphate (revised).
o Stemetil (new).

New suppliments for:
- Air Ambulance Victoria.
- Ambulance Community Officers.
- Non-Emergencey Patient Tranport (NEPT) Services.

Please Note:
- The download file does NOT contain any Video, Audio, or Power Point (AV) files.
- The "DVD Menu" only shows you what is availableon the DVD.
- The "DVD Only Programs", can of course only be run directly off the DVD.

Системные требования: WM2003/SE, WM5
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