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FlashKeys v1.2

FlashKeys v1.2

Экранная клавиатура для Pocket PC.Русского нет,но для умельцев перевести это не составит труда.

You can customize the:
- Text color
- Keypad Skins
- Background image
- Pre-made personal sentences
- English version

You have three screens with keys:
- Normal
- Capital letters
- Special characters

In all of them you can delete the last character, erase all the text or COPY, this last key has two effects:
- Places all the copied text in memory
- Closes the application

Afterwards, you can choose where to paste the text, either on a SMS, a note, email, or any other application where you can use the PASTE command (or CTRL+V).

- keypad sound
- customized key alignment
- screen rotation
- New default skin (just because)
- Minimize+copy

To configure the keys sound just alter the IDsom line in mydata.txt
You may also change that on screen.

Almost all keys are configurable now, with the exception of the characters % & ) = + that cannot be dynamic because they interfere with the code.

Do note that some keys. to help the witting process, jumped to the first screen so that the user could continue witting, keys such as é ã ó, etc.

There is now the option to choose your screen rotation as default, just change the variable on mydata.txt
Or, during use, you can always press left/right (or up/down, depending on the model) to rotate the screen at will.

You can change the skin anytime by pressing up/down on your keypad (or left//right, depending on the model).

To customize your favorite skin, text color, personal sentences or use the English version, read the mydata-english.txt carefully.
Then place it in \Storage Card\Temp\FlashKeys (these folders are created the first time you run the software).
If, for some reason its not there, then search your Pocket pc with a explorer software to seek out where your temp folder is.

You can make a skin yourself, just use the example in the EXTRAS folder. It needs to be a 230x320 JPG file placed in the \Storage Card\Temp\FlashKeys folder with the name back.jpg
In case your screen is rotated you need a second file named back2.jpg

If, by any reason you need to exit the fullscreen, you can close the application with the COPY key, pressing the new minimiza buttton above the volume or press ENTER on you keypad (the button in the middle of the directionals keys).

Place the EXE file where ever you want, make a shortcut or call it with a defined key on your Pocket PC, its your choice.

This software is compatible with WM2003 and WM6. I didn't tested it on WM5, but it should work fine.
The WM2002 version was not created, but can be made easily by request.

New version 1.2:
- New default keyboard
- New sound
- Portuguese and English versions separated EXE's
- Bug fixes

Требования:Windows Mobile 2003/5/6 & Flash 7

Системные требования: WM2003 - WM6
Тип установки: COPY
Оф. сайт/Источник:
  1. White_Scorpion,

    Поддерживаю, одна из лучших клавиатур.
  1. vga или qvga?? не пойму
  1. как на меня то SPB Full Screen Keyboard
  1. просто так клаву не переведеш перерисовывать надо все.а на это время много нада иак что не зачет
  1. люблю файлы без установки.
    А как ее перевести? Там в тхт файлы коды содержатся, типа key1=1 - это вот тут на русские chars менять?
  1. клава просто класс удобная очень у меня на етене тож стояла и тож англ жаль очень бы хотелось чтоб русская расскладка была
  1. Эх... жалко, что русского нет... нафига мне унглийская. кто переведет, сообщите плиз


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