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Adventure World v1.0.0 Online (Android) Adventure World v1.0.0 Online (Android) Adventure World v1.0.0 Online (Android)

Adventure World - Масштабная многопользовательская стратегическая игра (mmo)

#1 Strategy Game on the iPad comes to the iPhone and iPod Touch
Adventure World is a free-to-play and highly addictive strategy fantasy role-playing game. In a land of myth and magic, you can choose to be a young adventurer of Human, Orcish or Elven race. With the demons looming over the once-beautiful world, the three races form an on-and-off alliance in hopes of sealing away Lucifer and restoring peace. The destiny of the land is now resting on your shoulders. Develop your adventurer's camp, explore the uncharted and fight shoulder to shoulder with the legendary heroes for the glory of your clan!
-- If you only had one word to describe Adventure World, it would be “Exciting”!
--”Fantastic Western theme, fierce battles with magical effects will give you a unique combat experience. ”
--”In the game, you will not only fight against Lucifer, but also challenge real life players all over the world until you become the uncrowned king!”

- Experience the twists and turns of the story between Human, Orc and Elf
- 3 Unique Classes at Your Choice: Warrior, Mage and Warlock, each with different builds, skills and talents!
- Meet the Legendary Mercenary: Xellous, Sylph, Demon, Gandalf and many more!
- Excellent Graphics displaying tropical forest, boundless snowfields, erupting volcanoes, etc.
- Collect and Enchant Various Equipment - Circlets, Cloaks, Tomes, Amulets, Rings and more
- Fight with your fellow adventurers in the breathtaking Race and Clan war
- Support iPhone 3GS and newer, iPod 3rd generation 16 gig and newer and all iPad models

Системные требования: Android
Покупки через приложение: Возможны!
Дополнительные требования: Wi-Fi
Размер: 32M
Тип установки: APK
Автор/Разработчик: iFree Studio
Оф. сайт/Источник:
Язык: ENG
Разрешения Lite/Free: показать/скрыть



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