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Serial Port Tool Comm Operator v1.0

Comm Operator is a powerful tool for serial port communication. It can act as peripheral device emulator related RS232 COM port. It can also act as a debug tool for device's test and development.

The built-in event driven auto send mechanics makes Comm Operator a full functioned device simulator with just a few mouse clicks. By this way, RS232 related software can be developed offsite, no need for device, only the rule script is enough.

Comm Operator can send data through COM port, receive data from an outer device through COM port. The speed it supports range from 110 to 921600. It can detect all COM ports automatically regardless of whether they are real COM ports on motherboard or on supplementary in/output boards, or virtual COM ports created by special drivers.

Comm Operator supports data input in ASCII, HEX as well as Decimal formats. It keeps log of the sent and received data in ASCII, HEX as well as Decimal formats. It also supports SYMBOL with which the invisible ASCII code became meaningful immediately. All setting can be saved to file and loaded later.

Auto Send With pre-defined rules, the data can be sent automatically when specific events occur. The rule's setting is very flexible.
Symbol Replace the invisible characters with Symbol string, the data and protocol become easy to understand.
Port Setting Management Multi port's setting can be stored in a list, and just double clicking will open the port with the pre-defined value.
Send Data Management Send data list manages all sent data. The data can be saved to a file for later use.
Step Send Muliti data can be sent in order just by clicking a button.
Import Data from a file Sent data can be imported from a text file.

Ключи в файле .nfo,его открываем с помощью блокнота.

Системные требования: WM2003 - WM6
Тип установки: EXE
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