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DreamFactory VocaBuilder v1.1

Программа для изучения/укрепления знаний английского языка, содержит более 8000 специально подобранных слов, которые входят в распространенные экзамены ToEFL, SAT, GRE и т.д.

Learn new words!
• VocaBuilder is preloaded with more than 8000 carefully selected words which appeared in many competitive exams such as ToEFL, SAT, GRE etc.,
• VocaBuilder lets you add your own list of words to the collection.
• You can also modify or enhance the meaning of existing words.
• If you make a mistake in adding the meaning of a new word OR for some reason if you like to remove a word from VocaBuilder, it is possible as well!
• The Quick Search in Vocabuilder is quite fast in reaching for the word you intend to search.

Test Yourself Your Vocabulary, anytime, anywhere!
• You can use Vocabuilder to test your vocabulary skills. The Smart Test Generator lets you decide how many questions you want to try for a session. You can take a quick test by selecting as low as 10 questions.
• You feel like you can take test and race with time? Turn on the Timed Mode and you can take these tests in a timed mode!!
• Your newly added words also become part of these tests!
• After taking the test, you can go back to each and every question to review what is the correct answer and what you answered.
• If you feel like taking the same test once again, instead of taking a whole new test, No Problem! Vocabuilder lets you re-take the last test!

Be Aware of Commonly Misused Words!
Choosing the right word is always important when you speak and when you write. But it is very easy to make mistake in choosing the right words especially it has multiple homonyms. VocaBuilder points out the differences for 100 of such confusing words with meanings and let you communicate better.

Practice Analogy Test!
As a bonus, You can also practice Analogy Test using VocaBuilder [Background : Analogy questions test your ability to recognize the relationship between the words in a word pair and to recognize when two word pairs display parallel relationships. To answer an analogy question, you must formulate the relationship between the words in the given word pair and then select the answer containing words related to one another in most nearly the same way]

Системные требования: WM2003 - WM6
Тип установки: EXE
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