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CMSettings v1.0

С помощью этой проги Вы сможете настроить расположение иконок Менеджера связи под себя.

How it works:
When the application starts, it will search the Windows folder for available skins. With this we can prevent applying a skin that doesn’t exist. It also makes a backup of your present Comm manager settings (see ROM default settings), in case you want to go back. After this is very simple. Just select one of the available skin, change the functions to your likings and apply changes.
There’s no need to terminate the Comm Manager process, as the application will do it for you.

Note: Not all CommManager.exe versions support all skins.
So, if the user has the necessary skin files, applies changes but cannot see the skin or the skin doesn’t display correctly maybe a different CommManager.exe version is required.

Системные требования: PocketPC 2003(SE), WM5, WM6 - .NET CF v2.0 or higher, Comm Manager

Системные требования: WM + NetCF 2
Тип установки: CAB
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