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LockCrypt v1.61LockCrypt v1.61

LockCrypt - удобное программное обеспечение для управлениями аккаунтами. LockCrypt будет стремиться обеспечивать безопасность, центральной базы данных, чтобы сохранить трудные для запоминания пароли и другую личную информацию. Программа обеспечивает шифрование сильным алгоритмом

Central Database:
LockCrypt provides a central database to hold details of your website passwords, telephone numbers, credit card details, and other kind of difficult to remember information. People often write down this information and leave it where anyone can see. With LockCrypt, your data is only visible after you’ve entered a password.

Strong Encryption:
LockCrypt uses cipher block chaining and AES encryption to secure your data. This method is regarded as very secure by the cryptography industry. Whatever details you enter are for your eyes only, no one will be able to see them without first entering your password.

Multiple Languages:
LockCrypt is available in different languages, including English, German, Italian, Spanish and Czech. These were provided by native speakers to make LockCrypt fit in seemlessly around other programs.

Customisable Account Types:
Each account can be assigned a type and an icon. This lets you fill in commonly used fields for that account type, and allows you to quickly identify it in the list.

Import and Export:
LockCrypt can export to XML, CSV or plain text, enabling you to easily share your account data between applications. It can also import from XML files.

Secure Clipboard:
If you copy a field to the clipboard from LockCrypt, there's an option to erase it after a set amount of time. This is useful because if you move away from the keyboard, anyone would be free to paste your clipboard and see your password.

Easy to Use Interface:
Drag and Drop is supported by LockCrypt to help make re-arranging your accounts easy.

Print output:
LockCrypt can print your account list enabling you to make a hard copy.

Main Features:
• Secure storage for your data.
• Groups to help keep your accounts organised.
• Password generator.
• Native translations into German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Hungarian and Hebrew.
• Export to XML, CSV, HTML or Plain text files.
• Import from XML.
• Secure Clipboard to protect your passwords.
• Print output.
• Drag and drop interface.

LockCrypt v1.60


LockCrypt v1.61

Системные требования: WM5 - WM6
Необходим .NetCF не ниже: Нет данных
Тип установки: COPY
Автор/Разработчик: Harry Jennerway
Оф. сайт/Источник:
Язык: Нет данных
  1. прога работает, но русик не могу понять как установить
  1. Зашифровал, ну и...потом забыл, а то что гдето записано было вспомнил!!!
  1. так что ни у каво непашло? lol
  1. листик бумажки, который носится при себе, самый криптоустойчивый lol способ защитить свои данные
  1. на P3400 не пашет
  1. прогу поставил выдает ошибку не работает ни как...


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