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SplashNews 2.0

SplashNews программка для RSS каналов

Key Features:

* New Synchronization occurs automatically before you wake up so your feeds are waiting for you when you turn on your device in the morning.
* Wirelessly connect to mobile sites and download the latest news, sports, and more
* Add or delete feeds to customize your content
* Absolutely FREE - ad supported (see below)

Why is SplashNews "free"?
We pride ourselves on delivering world class software for a reasonable price to our users. We will continue to do so with most of our software applications, but SplashNews is different. Let us tell you why.

SplashNews delivers Internet content on the go. As you may be aware, the mobile Internet is quickly becoming ad-funded much like the regular Internet. Wireless users like you will have access to more content and information offerings for less money if these applications are ad-funded.

How will advertising appear in SplashNews?
Advertising is in SplashNews stays in an unobtrusive banner space at the top of the application screen. If you are interested in the ad, simply click on it for a full screen graphic. From that screen the advertiser may offer functionality like Click-to-Browse or even Click-to-Call. There are no pop-up ads, and no personally identifiable information is collected. The user stays anonymous to the software. You will not receive any unwanted text messages (SMS) or phone calls because we don’t know your phone number.

What do we track?
We track which ads have been served and which have been viewed or acted upon and then report that back to the advertiser. This is exactly the way banner ads work on the Internet. In order to serve the right ads to your device, we check the device type. In addition, we track the country you are in and the language of the operating system, so that you receive advertising that is geographically useful to you.

In the future, you may have the option to register your demographic information like age, gender, and interests to deliver even more relevant ads for you.

We are confident that you will like our SplashNews RSS reader and we sincerely hope that offering you a free ad-enabled software application finds your support.

Скачать / Download [857.02 Kb]

Системные требования: Нет данных
Необходим .NetCF не ниже: Нет данных
Тип установки: CAB
Автор/Разработчик: SplashData
Оф. сайт/Источник:
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