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Windows mobile 2003 SE Downgrade

Windows Mobile 2003 SE DowngradeUpgrade - Обновление оперционной системы Windows Mobile 2003 до 2003 SE для КПК Hewlett Packard моделей HP IPAQ 2ххх
Данный файл обновляет WM2003 на Вашем девайсе до WM2003 SE либо же производит downgrade с WM2005 до WM2003 SE

The ROM Upgrade Utility is designed to erase and replace the
current ROM image and any existing ActiveSync partnerships
including all user data and programs on the HP iPAQ Pocket PC
and in the iPAQ File Store. HP recommends that users perform a
backup of their personal data using Microsoft Activesync or iPAQ
Backup before proceeding with the ROM upgrade. This is only as a
precautionary measure and should not be used after a successful
ROM upgrade.

HP recommends that Backups made from a HP iPAQ Pocket PC ROM
should only be installed on a HP iPAQ Pocket PC handheld with the
same model number and ROM version number from which the backup
was created. Installing old Backups onto ROM versions the Backup
was not created on may interfere with the operation of the new
ROM causing it to become unstable.

* To save personal data for later use, copy it from the HP iPAQ Pocket
PC (including from the iPAQ File Store) to the host PC or a storage
card using ActiveSync Explore or iPAQ Backup.

* Users who do not customarily synchronize personal data using
Microsoft Outlook (‘stand-alone” users) should install Microsoft
Outlook on their host PC and synchronize their personal data. The
personal data can be transferred back to the HP iPAQ Pocket PC after
the ROM upgrade has been completed and a partnership between the host
PC and the HP iPAQ Pocket PC has been established.

* Remove any accessories from the HP iPAQ Pocket PC prior to updating
the ROM. These may interfere with the upgrade process.

* After the Upgrade, ActiveSync v4.0 or later versions will prompt to
establish a new partnership in order to synchronize the HP iPAQ
Pocket PC with the host PC. Previously established ActiveSync
partnerships will be unusable. Once a new partnership has been
established, programs and personal data may be re-loaded through
Add/Remove Programs from the Tools menu in ActiveSync or by using
the Mobile Device Explorer. Refer to the Reference Guide on the
Companion CD for more information on performing this task.

* If the Upgrade Utility generates an error, follow the instructions
on the host PC’s screen to resolve the error. Never perform a
Full Reset (hard reset) unless explicitly instructed to do so.

Скачать / Download [23.21 Mb]

Системные требования: WM 2003, 2003SE
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