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Diamond Dice Shaker

Here is a small OpenGL based program that allows you to use your Diamond as a "Dice Shaker". It is a simple program and it was written to learn how to use OpenGL together with C# on my Diamond.

I have attached also the sources, so maybe somebody can enhance this and make something beautiful out of it ? If you do, please share the sources also, so that I can learn from you too.

There are still some bugs in the collision detection code, but I think it is a good example of what can be done with this lovely PDA/Phone.

I apologize for the bad interface, there is not much else you can do then shake it and exit from the program. The dices are 3D objects and tumble across your screen. I still think there should some better "randomness" and there is an annoying bug, which I short-fused in a very ugly way

Anyway have fun and if I find the time, I will certainly try to improve it.


- Add sound effects/ buzzer triggering - thanks to gerDiamond to fix the "bugs" in the collision detection and surur for the sound and background file. Also thanks to simplifight to clean up some of the code.
- Better graphics - I think I finally understand OpenGL lighting
- Menu choice for the number of dices - You can choose 1 till 5 dices
- Ticking on the screen is the same as shaking the device.
- Exit through the menu.

Still todo

- Different faces for different types of games (for example the dice colors needed for "Cities3D" ?) - Basic setup for this is done, just need to find the time to create the images
- Better "rest position" algorithm. I think I understand the problem, so a fix will be on the way.
- Ability to "park" a dice or put it on the side. Would be needed for a "Yahtzee" like game.
- Nicer graphics for the playboard. Again I have the graphics understood and made some code changes with regard to the rendering of the dices.
- Better "side-collision". Have used it in my "SnowStorm" application.
- 3D tilting. Have a look at my "Paper Plane" app, which shows a 3D F16, which you can look at from all sides.

Lower priority todo

- Zoom in or out ??
- Change size of play-field ???

• Requirements:
Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
HTC Touch Diamond

Системные требования: WM5 - WM6.1
Дополнительные требования: G-Sensor
Разрешение экрана: VGA (480x640)
Тип установки: CAB
Оф. сайт/Источник:
  1. Прикольные кости!
  1. Не запускаеться , пишет что ,необходима более поздняя версия .NET Compact Framework , как быть?

    Все , установил NET CF 3.5 Speedup , и заработала
  1. Если бы можно было некоторые кости оставлять, что бы выбрасывать комбинации, тогда можно было играть компанией в кости.

    что ли глянуть исходники.. правда с OpenGL нужно разбираться

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