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Pocket Video Poker - Public Beta v0.4

Видеопокер написан автором специально для Diamond. На остальных девайсах тестируем.

If you have played video poker in a casino, this should be very familiar to you. This game is based on the "Jacks or Better" variety of video poker. I have no plans to add other varieties at the moment, so please don't ask.
Tap a column in the Payouts Chart to change your bet. The payout for Jacks Or Better is equal to the bet (you break even), so the 1st column bets 1 credit, the 5th column bets 5 credits, etc. For obvious reasons, you cannot change your bet in the middle of a hand.
Tap Deal, tap the cards you want to hold (tap again to toggle), then tap Draw to replace the remaining cards.
If you end up with a winning hand, you can try to double-up your win by tapping Double. Five new cards will be dealt. The first card is the dealer's card, and is face-up. Tap one of the face-down cards to try to beat the dealer's card. If you win, you can try to double-up again. If you lose, you get nothing.
Tap Exit to, ummm, exit.
Tap Options to access player management and game options. In the Players tab you can select the current player, view hand statistics, add more credits, rename players, and delete (reset) players. Adding credits will bring a player back up to 100 credits, and can only be done when a player drops below 100 credits.

Planned Future Features
-Clean up sounds to remove hiss
-Automatically hold cards that make a hand on the initial deal
-Tap the Win amount to skip count-up of credits (this would be useful if you ever hit a 4000 credit win)
-Make it more clear whether you are starting a new hand or drawing on a hand. You can tell because the button toggles -between Deal/Draw, but I still want to make it more obvious.
-Test on other devices, resolutions, WinMo versions, etc. It is currently only known to work on the Diamond with WM 6.1
-Reduce memory footprint

Known Issues
One person has reported an occasional crash, but I have not seen this nor been able to reproduce it. Please let me know if you can provide any additional information.

Revision History
0.4 [2008-08-26]
-Toggle "Hold" as soon as you touch a card (instead of when you let go) to make it more responsive
-Your chosen card during double up is now displayed prior to the other cards (improved experience)
-Implemented player rename and reset
-Reorganized stats display, and added double up stats
-Option: Enable/disable sounds
-Option: Skip count up of credits won
-Option: Move the Deal button to the left side
-Option: Set the Deal speed:
-"Normal" is how it has been in prior versions, and gives the impression of the cards being dealt
-"Slow" is for those of you that really LOVE the anticipation!
-"Fast" is for people that just want to get it over with and lose your credits as fast as possible

Системные требования: WM6.1
Разрешение экрана: VGA (480x640)
Тип установки: CAB
Автор/Разработчик: GeckoDev
Оф. сайт/Источник:
  1. Yoichi23
    Поставь другой фрейм.
  1. Ё.... Ни фига не идет на Diamond 2, пишет, что требуется более поздняя версия Compact Framework.
    Кто сталкиваклся с такой проблемой, напишите как её убрать.
  1. Давно хотел такой!
    Спасибо!! love
  1. Супер!!!
  1. Да нормальный покер, простой, без всякого!! Мне очень понравился!! thumbup
  1. это самый галимый покер который я видел и играл...
  1. Спасибо, давно хотел!! smile Еще б дурака что б кто-то выложил, было б просто супер!!


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