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Diabetic Diary 0.1

Diabetic Diary records your self administerd Diabetic blood tests. It allows recording of as many tests per day as required. It can categorise them (e.g. Before mid-day meal After evening meal etc), and allows recording of up to three user-defined medications per test. See your test history in a filterable list view, or chart them in one of four ways to get a graphical view of your tests. Summary data show the number of over/under target tests, your estimated HbA1C value etc. Now also allows recording of your exercise history to allow monitoring of exercise v. glucose levels etc. Free updates and lifetime technical support! If required, there is a PC "partner" application, "PC Diabetic Diary" that will synchronize with Palm Diabetic diary to allow print outs, export to CSV etc.
Features: Record as many tests each day as required. System will categorize tests into type (e.g. Before mid-day meal) etc., if required Define any meds that you want to record, along with default dose if applicable, and record these at each test (optional). See charts of daily or weekly average and high-low blood test results
Please Note: This is a public Beta release, future non-beta releases will not be free

Системные требования: WM2003 - WM6
Покупки через приложение: Возможны!
Последняя версия: Зависит от устройства (на 6-07-2017, 02:58)
Тип установки: EXE
Разрешения Lite/Free: показать/скрыть
Разрешения Full/Pro: показать/скрыть

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