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Acquasys Examiner v.

Программа, которая имитирует тесты и экзамены. Пригодится тем, кто хочет проверить и закрепить свои знания при подготовке к экзаменам. Экзаменатор читает файлы, записанные в XML или в сжатом формате (EXF), которые Вы легко можете создавать в ExamCreator.

You can use Examiner for:
-Preparation for IT certifications (Sun, Microsoft, Cisco, Novell etc)
-Preparation for language tests (TOEFL, TOEIC etc)
-Preparation for management exams (GMAT, PMP etc)
-Preparation for educational exams (SSAT, ISEE, FUVEST etc)
-Admissional tests
-General quizzes
-And many more!

-Designed from the beginning for mobile use, exploring most Pocket PC capabilities and with a convenient layout for a small screen
-Can be used for many different exam subjects
-Reads XML or native (compressed and encrypted) exams
-Supports single, multiple, true/false, written and flashcard questions
-Supports multimedia resources (images, sounds, movies, case studies etc)
-Customizable exam settings (number of questions, time limit, sequential/random mode, random options, instant feedback, sudden death, font size and more)
-Customizable score calculation modes (normal, weight based, negative points, time points and more)
-Supports password-protected and trial exams
-Topic and difficulty level filtering
-Timer with pause function
-Question notes with "rich ink" (supports drawings and voice notes)
-Question hiding (hides questions you already know)
-FlashCard inversion (answer becomes question)
-Can resume unfinished exams
-Review mode with corrections and explanations
-Study references (local files, web sites, Amazon book search)
Study Goals allow you to define the date in which the exam should be taken, the number of questions you wish to answer until there, the total training hours and the desired average score, and compare these values to your study progress
-Bar charts display exam results by topic and level
-Generates HTML reports, including:
Result report: number of right/wrong questions, total and average time, statistics per topic and level etc
Review report: lists all questions (or wrong questions only) for further study
Statistics report: statistics covering all times the exam has been taken by you

-Works in portrait and landscape modes (in Windows Mobile 2003 SE and above, orientation is changed "on the fly")
-Dual interface (Windows Mobile ”classic” / Windows Mobile 5.0 with soft keys support)
-Exam authoring tool provided at no cost
-Free upgrades

Examiner v.2.0.2156.20187

Examiner v. Trial

Examiner v. (igorca)

Программа, при помощи которой Вы легко сможете создавать экзаменационные файлы формата EXF для программы Examiner.

Acquasys Examiner v.


Acquasys Examiner v. Examiner v. Examiner v. Examiner v.

Examiner Ppc
Инструкцию предоставил PDF Mobile Manual

Зеркало 1: Скачать/Download
Зеркало 2: Скачать/Download
Системные требования: WM2003 - WM6.5
Необходим .NetCF не ниже: .Net Compact Framework 2
Покупки через приложение: Возможны!
Разрешение экрана: Все разрешения
Тип установки: CAB+EXE
Автор/Разработчик: Acquasys Informática Ltda.
Оф. сайт/Источник:
Язык: ENG
Разрешения Lite/Free: показать/скрыть

  1. Цитата: igorca
    Версия,регистрация любыми цифрами

    Спасибо. Поднял в тему.
  1. Версия,регистрация любыми цифрами
  1. А на русском языке есть???


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