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Visual Task Switcher  v0.97

Visual Task Switcher  v0.97

It´s a Visual Task switcher in the style of Dynamo3, but it´s written in native Win32 C++.
You should map the App to an Application button. Once started, the app scans all active windows and shows the windows on the screen. After this moment it monitors the running tasks and takes screenshots. Just tap on the screen to minimize, tap on a picture to activate the app or scroll up/down with moving on the screen (if there are more app than there is space on the screen).
You can configure many things in the config tool.

-technology switch to DirectDraw. Better performance in scrolling and zooming.
-tap and hold to close an application
-faster reaction time, but higher memory consumption when not active (the background-bitmap is not deleted)
-Version 0.961 still available for devices where the 0.97 version won´t work.
-reduced filesize

-stability fixes

-you can select between left/right or up/down scrolling
-better initialisation of background pictures
-some improvements regarding not-existing windows

-bugfixs in VisualTaksConfig-Tool wich prevents app from starting
-fixes when switching portrait/lanscape mode (pictures will not be deleted)
-stability fixes
-you can prevent VT from scanning windows by setting ScanInterval to 0

-some stability fixes for the runtime-crashes
-graphical fixes when not using a background image
-bugfixes on deleting windows-snapshot that no longer exists
-usable in Landscape or Portrait mode
-tested on 240x320, 480x640 emulator images and on 480x800 device (G900)

-configurable space between the screenshots
-window text now at the bottom of the screenshot
-improved animations
-SIP input button is now hidden
-some bugfixes

-improved animations for activating the app and selecting the windows (try the "Intro Animation" in the config tool!)
-configurable ignore-list for windows (if you want to ignore the phone app, it could be that it has a blank behind it´s name!)
-configurable scan-time for the first app-scan
-improved stability
-bugfixes wich prevents the app from starting on some devices

-there is a scan for active windows at the first start of the app
-Gesture control. You can now scroll up/down by screen gesture if there are more windows than there is space on the screen
-names of the window are shown over the pictures
-improved stability

-New Configuration Tool with many options
-.exe file smaller
-made a .cab for installation

Системные требования: Нет данных
Покупки через приложение: Возможны!
Последняя версия: 1.7.6 (на 1-10-2014, 16:54)
Тип установки: CAB
Оф. сайт/Источник:
Разрешения Full/Pro: показать/скрыть

  1. Последняя сборка не идет.

    Последняя сборка не идет.
  1. Не похоже, что она на си плюс плюс... один раз вылетела с окном ошибки .нет :)
  1. 2 метра оперативки для того чтоб переключить окно это слишком!!! thumbdown
  1. Цитата: john-1994
    Лично я юзаю WKtask !

    спасибо что высказал свое мнение,а я все забывал ее поискать да и не знал как ее найти,теперь тоже ей пользоваться буду
  1. Вроде тоже Динамо , только тут можно ставить картинку на задний фон .. blink

    Не , как не крути , а она не удобная , лаженая , и на многих девайсах будет хавать катастрофическое количество памяти .. what

    Лично я юзаю WKtask ! cool
  1. Да не очень стобильная прога,почти всю надо переписывать
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