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DioNote v1.0

DioNote is the software program that allows the handwritten memos quickly and conveniently for the Pocket PC. DioNote provides the alarm function, and the memo can be transmitted through the IR communication or e-mail. In addition, the built-in graphics tool, DioNote PHOTO, enables easy modification of the various images, as well as adding the emoticon or the clip arts. The images created by DioNote PHOTO can be saved as image files (*.bmp, *.jpg etc) and can be used as the Today screen for the PDA.

Main Features
1. Memo with a wide range of lines and colors is available.
2. Automatic date and time stamp for the created memo.
3. Transmission of the memo and image through the IR communication or e-mail.
4. Many built-in graphics tools that allow easy image creation using the lines, shapes, patterns, clip arts and emoticons.
5. The various image files can be used as the background displays
6. Special effects on the image files such as rotation, alignment and various filtering effects.
7. The edited imaged files can be saved as image files (*.bmp, *.jpg etc) and used as the Today screen.

Системные требования: WM2002 - WM6.1
Тип установки: CAB
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