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RoadTour - Heritage v1.5

RoadTour delivers audio-visual guides directly to you via your GPS or mobile, includes over 600 heritage sites in the UK

ROADTOUR delivers audio-visual guides directly into your car via your Satnav or GPS enabled mobile phone, telling you about interesting locations as you approach them.
Using ROADTOUR you can hear all about the nearest castle and see pictures of historic homes. RoadTour means no more boring journeys and no more dull food in boring eateries;

1-2 minutes audio guides covering 600 of the UK's most outstanding heritage locations as chosen by visitBritain.
Wide variety of locations including: castles & battlefields, historic homes, pubs & inns, Royal palaces, famous monuments, places of worship, Roman sites.
Includes all Great British Heritage Pass sites.
Fully configurable including mute option.
Photographs of every heritage location.
>Searchable by name, county or postcode.
Visitor information (phone numbers, prices, opening times) which links into the phone dialler with one click.
URL link which launches the relevant website with a single click.
Icons showing picnic areas, facilities for children, accommodation, wheelchair access etc.

ROADTOURHeritage includes 600 of the finest historical sites in the UK belonging to the National Trust and English Heritage and others. Each one has a 1-2 minute audio description covering their history and interesting stories regarding the people who lived, loved, fought and died there.

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Системные требования: WM2003 - WM6.1
Разрешение экрана: QVGA, VGA
Тип установки: EXE
Разрешения Full/Pro: показать/скрыть

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