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MortRing v0.994

MortRing - программа для назначения разных мелодий на смс для различных персон из вашего контакт листа.

After installation (ZIP file contains both PC setup and CAB for PPC installation) an icon showing a small cell phone will appear in the tray (lower right corner of the Today screen). If you tap it, a menu will open, which contains entries to open the configuration dialogs. The “SMS filter” allows you to search the sender or message text for given words, and play a special sound and/or even run a program if the search text is contained. The “play internally” options usually only make sense if you disable the system sound, and only WAV files are supported currently. The sense of this feature is compatibility with tools like phoneAlarm, which only supports one single SMS signal and ignores the one MortRing sets, or devices which ignore the registry modifications of MortRing. Sadly, the ringtone modification doesn’t work on every device. Esp. if there are lots of contacts and you’re using a pre-WM5 device, there’s a quite high risk of not working.

Системные требования: Нет данных
Тип установки: CAB


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