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Compadre Interpreter - Interpreter is a language translation program that runs on your Pocket PC. Interpreter combines the compactness of a paper translation dictionary with voice synthesis and phrase building technology to allow you to easily communicate in multiple languages. For additional ease of use, this is equiped with the speech recognition feature which allows you to select phrases by simply speaking to your PDA.

To help you see how Interpreter can assist with your language translation needs, SpeechGear offers a trial version of Interpreter at no cost. Visit our download page to get the trial now!
Features at a Glance

* Interpreter comes pre-loaded with over 50,000 initial words and phrases.
* Use the touch screen to select your word or phrase, or simply write the word directly on the screen using the Pocket PC’s letter recognizer.
* With Interpreter, you see the text translations as well as hear them spoken.
* Use the PhraseBuilderTM feature to easily create your own custom phrases.
* Store frequently-used words and phrases in easy-to-find locations by using Interpreter Favorites List feature.
* Customize your system by adding new words and phrases, multiple translations and usage samples, and even completely new categories.
* The Selection History feature provides quick access to the words and phrases that you have recently translated.
* Use the powerful search tools to easily find the word or phrase that you want.
* Interpreter’s Dynamic Word Selection feature automatically scrolls to your entry as you type or write letters.
* There is no need to buy separate computers for each language. With Interpreter, load them all onto a single Pocket PC.
* Each language comes with male and female voices. Choose a voice that’s perfect for you.
* As with all of SpeechGear’s products, Interpreter is bi-directional. Switch language directions with one simple click.
* Additional Options for Power Users:
o Purchase Interpreter with the builtin Automatic Speech Recognition module and you're ready for complete Voice-to-Voice Translation: Simply say any Interpreter phrase in the current category and the translation will be generated.
o If you have a specific application that requires specialized vocabulary, you may want to purchase Composer. Composer simplifies the process of adding these new terms, managing multiple dictionaries that require mass updates, and for sharing your custom vocabulary with other Interpreter users.

* Composer™ must be ordered separately. See the Recommended Items below.
System Requirements
Required Storage Space
* 22 MB minimum = 2MB (application) +10MB (Synthesis) + 10MB (dictionary)
* Additional language pairs require additional storage space.

Required Hardware
* Desktop PC
* Pocket PC 2003 or later
* Pocket PC Cradle
* USB connection port

Required Software
* PC Platform Operating System: Windows® 98, Windows® 2000, Windows® ME, Windows® XP, or later version
* Microsoft® ActiveSync®: 3.5 or later version

Interpreter Dictionary Pair:
English-Spanish (European)
English-Portuguese (Brazil)

Системные требования: WM 2002-2005
Оф. сайт/Источник: http://www.speechgear.com/store/detail.aspx?ID=10
  1. установил, но после установки не обнаружилось ни одного словаря... в чем ошибка?


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