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Прошивка wm6.5 для f900

это прошивка для acer f900 italian version

1. Run the tool in console, give a parameter of the .bin file path. The tool will generate all the files packed in the bin file.
For example: put the x960datsplit.exe in "D:" and acer.bin in "D:" too.
Run the application in console: "D:x960datsplit.exe acer.bin"
You will get the splitted files in "D:". One of them is OS.nb0. This is the file we want to flash with.
2. Prepare a microSD card less than 2G, formatted in FAT.
3. Copy the OS.nb0 to the card.
4. Rename OS.nb0 to flash.nb0.
5. Put the microSD card in F900.
6. Make sure your phone is powered off.
7. Press OK button(the button between volume + and volume -) and power button. It will flash automaticly.
8. When you see: "SD download complete", you can reset your phone. Flash complete.
9. You may found out that the first screen picture(default is "Acer") is gone, that's normal because the picture is in the EXTROM which we haven't flashed.
10. After the first clean boot is finished and aligned screen etc, the phone will show setup EXTROM's cab interface. Because we dont have EXTROM, we have to skip this step. Press camera button when the screen shows until it says:" you can release camera button now", the step is skipped.
11. You can install cabs in EXTROM folder by yourself.

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