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Smartfall v.0.96a

Smartfall - клон "Тетриса".

Smartfall is a freeware game developed to support the HTC Magician (iMate Jam/MDA Compact/XDA II mini/etc.). The "Jam" is a Windows Mobile 2003 SE device. Smartfall was also tested on the IPAQ 5450. We hope that this game will work on all Pocket PC Devices (2002 - 2003 SE). However we will not be able to support Windows Mobile 2005 until we are able to have a test device for that platform due to the difference in support for the VGA resolution. If you come across any device where this game doesn't work we would appreciate your feedback.

* added support for Pocket PC
* added stylus support for navigation in menus
* ensured support for Phone Editions
* numerous bugfixes

Системные требования: Нет данных
Тип установки: CAB
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  1. надо заценить.... fellow
  1. Согласен Тетрис красивый
  1. Очень красивый тетрис, с классным оформлением...
  1. Исконно русская игра, ведь ее придумал русский программист ... smile
  1. щас заценю...


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