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Shp Finance v2.51

Shp Finance - программа для планирования ежемесячных расходов.

Program Information:
Shp Finance is a program for Windows Mobile to help you with your monthly budget. There are five tabs when you open the application. The first is the Income tab, where you enter in your income amounts, the frequency of your pay rate (hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly), tax percentage, bonus amount, bonus taxes, and any overtime hours along with how much your overtime is worth (0.5x - 3.0x). Also on this tab, you enter any pre-tax deductions (health insurance, 401(k)) that are removed from your pay before taxes. The second tab is for Expenses, where you enter in all of your monthly expenses, how much they cost, and what day they're due (optional). Shp Finance automatically calculates how much (in percentage) of your monthly after-tax pay is used by each expense. The third tab is the Budget tab, which shows all of the final budget information. This includes the total monthly income, income after pre-tax deductions, the take-home pay (after taxes and deductions), the sum of all expenses and the percentage of take-home pay they use, and the disposable (leftover) income. In the fourth tab, you can manually keep track of your ledger in your checking account by adding your credits and debits. Selecting Credit (+) will automatically give you a list of your income sources to auto-fill the amounts, and selecting Debit (-) will give you your expenses. The fifth and final tab is the Wallet tab. Here, you can store your personal information including credit card numbers, account numbers, logins for websites, SSN, and any other personal data you'd like to keep on hand. All the information is encrypted in the file, so people can not see your data. Password protection is recommended for files with this data.

There are options to password protect your files, notify you of upcoming expenses when a profile is loaded, and and option to open your last opened profile when the program loads. All information is saved in MBF files, so you can create multiple profiles if you wish, or have a different file for each month!

System Requirements:
- Windows Mobile 6.1, 6, 5, Pocket PC 2003
- .NET Compact Framework 2.0+

Current devices tested on and confirmed working:
HTC Touch Pro (WM6.1 Pro) VGA, HTC Touch/Vogue (QVGA), WM6.0 Pro/Classic Emulator QVGA/WQVGA/Square, Pocket PC 2003 Emulator QVGA

Shp Finance v2.40
Shp Finance v2.51

Системные требования: WM2003 - WM6.5
Необходим .NetCF не ниже: Нет данных
Разрешение экрана: Все разрешения
Тип установки: CAB
Оф. сайт/Источник:
Язык: ENG
История изменений: показать/скрыть

  1. А так, все делают!))
    А некоторые покупатели только через год замечают, что надпись на ихней стиральной машине или ролексе одной-двумя буквами отличается от подленника!
  1. ALEHH,
    в натуре, не заметил сначала, показалось что spb, удивился убожеству интерфейса...
  1. нормальный Mounthly income
  1. это контора Shp - закос под Spb


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