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FinchSync is perfect freeware product for sync of Calendars/Tasks and Contact books in Mozilla Thunderbird(with Lightening) or Sunbird! It needs some adjustments but it works fine (for now)... It is the "little brother" of the commercial BirdieSync The software can sync the calendars (in *.ics format) and the address book (in *.mab format).


The PC part of FinchSync is written in pure Java and runs on every platform supported by the Mozilla Project like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The Pocket PC part is written in C#, using the .NET Compact Framework. The application will run on all Pocket PCs with .NET installed – no need to worry about different processors and OS versions. All Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile 2003 second edition or higher should have the .NET Compact Framework already installed.

ActiveSync is not needed (and not available for Mac OS or Linux anyway), but the Pocket PC must be able to connect to the PC via TCP/IP. This can be done using a WLAN connection for example. If this requirement is fulfilled, synchronization can be done from everywhere, even over the internet. The HTTP protocol is used for the communication between PC and Pocket PC. This should work even in firewall-protected environments.

FinchSync is designed to manage contacts, appointments and tasks from different sources and keeps them separated. This means, that private items synchronized at home will not be mixed up with items synchronized in your office.

FinchSync has a user-management. Different users may sync with different sources on your PC. Users may be restricted to read-only access. For example, a user may be allowed to sync with a companies' address book, but not to upload changes.

INSTALATION: The software consists in 2 parts - PC Side FinchSync.jar and PPC Side The OS Side don't need an installation just keep FinchSync.jar and the newly created finchconfig folder. The first time you start FinchSync.jar will give you an error ... (don't worry - it don't have his XML configuration files (it will create it)).

CONFIGURATION: One hell of not so complicated process ... but it has pretty good Documentation

Note: Please be sure to understand the difference between a phone using Windows Mobile Phone Edition (simply a Pocket PC with a build in phone) and a Windows Smart Phone. If your Phone has a touchscreen, you have a Windows Mobile Phone Edition device and should download the Pocket PC client. Using the SmartPhone version on a Pocket PC won't hurt, but this version has a limited user interface.

Requirements: Windows Mobile 2003 + .NET Framework, WM5, WM6

FinchSync Version history:
V 0.80 d (Server only)
Fixed bug according adressbook files corruption.
Improved backup strategy. Backups are now created before writing, not before reading datafiles.

PC Server application

Pocket PC Client application

SmartPhone Client application

Системные требования: WM2003 - WM6
Тип установки: CAB
Оф. сайт/Источник:
JAVA Based (OS Independent).

Can't sync directly in lightening (the calender must be exported to *.ics and after sync imported again), doesn't sync mails.

  1. Есть BirdieSync! Но она тоже интегрируется в ActiveSync. Попробовал поставить шароварную версию, но она что то не синхронизирует толком. А хотелось бы какое то решение для Mozilla!!!!
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