Percussive Synth release v1.2: Changelog

Behold the biggest update since the day of the initial release. Ableton Link, 2-column view, pitch and velocity settings, and more.

Percussive Synth release v1.2: Changelog


  • Ableton Link support: be sure to allow the app to find and connect to devices on the local network. When enabled - BPM range is limited to 20...999 by the protocol.
  • Sequencer as a separate AudioUnit: a much-requested feature that makes perfect sense.
  • Two-column view for wide screens (iPads or iPhones in landscape mode): like on the header picture of this page. The UI may be forced to render as single column using a toggle under the settings menu. Yes, the bottom "extra" menu was renamed to "settings".
  • Per-note pitch and velocity setting: another requested feature that makes perfect sense. Initially, I viewed the app as a weird kind of drum machine, and drums usually don't vary in pitch while being played. But the app aspired to more versatility than a mere drum machine, and hopefully, setting pitch per note is doing justice to that statement.
  • BPM sync via midi clock: I'd suggest using Abelton Link, but if you're into this kind of thing - the toggle is in the midi io submenu.

Fixes or minor improvements:

  • Last selected presets, gain, and various settings and toggles are now persisted to be restored on startup.
  • It's now possible to set fractional BPM: it wasn't possible to set BPM values between, say, 6 and 7 bpm before.
  • Fixed AudioUnits' viewport settings allow for correct resizing and scrolling of AU.
  • The "rays"  graphics around the workspace (the place where you enter notes, below the navigator) performance improvement: it used to be created using, essentially, vector graphics. 168 rays have been drawn programmatically on each re-paint, which overloaded the UI thread. Now it's a much-faster implementation based on a raster image. Unfortunately, the SVG solution was even slower, even though it looked as good as the programmatic solution.
  • Extensive refactoring of UI components hierarchy due to the requirement to have sequencer as AU.
  • Extensive refactoring of re-triggering logic: now re-triggering logic happens when you change a sequence instead of "live" on-demand computation on the audio thread.
  • Accounting of device safe areas: e.g. avoiding putting important staff behind iPhone notch.
  • AU params list cleaning: in the 8-voice synth, the AU params list used to have params for the other 3 non-usable synths.

Check out the post on the creation of Percussive Synth. Or the app's Instagram.
And have a nice one!

No issue tracker labels in commit messages make it look like a joke.

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